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Hugo Lievens is the Business Manager. He combines 35 years of experience in material innovation with practical business knowledge. He has the support of a team of international experts in TFF.

Hugo Lievens: 35 years of material innovation

After completing his studies in civil engineering specialising in electrical engineering, Hugo focused on physical electronics at the Solid State Physics laboratory of Ghent University and he worked there with partners from the industry for the first time.

A few years later, he was recruited by the Bekaert Group with 3 key tasks:

  • Innovate in steel wire and cord, coatings and optical materials. Hugo was responsible for 30 patents in these domains after 35 years.
  • Establishing and managing innovative companies and joint ventures:
    • IST NV (Innovative Sputtering Technologies)
    • ISF LLC (Innovative Specialty Films)
    • Sinvaco NV (Scientific & Industrial Vacuum Components)
  • Perform due diligences during acquisitions of companies

Hugo, therefore, does not just have ample experience in material innovation, he is also fully familiar with the ins and outs of companies and quickly learns the ropes.

“Maes Jonker has a strong reputation in the field of cutting tools. We are continuously expanding our technology base and are approaching new markets. Hugo Lievens is an innovative source in helping us to do this.” – Jan Maes, CEO Maes Jonker

A team of experts

Hugo can call upon an international team with proven expertise in:

  • Polymers
  • Vacuum technology and coating
  • Machine design
  • Sputter coating and optical filters
  • Energy
  • Machining (milling, drilling, etc.)
  • Safety
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Statistics
  • Industrial marketing
  • Heat treatments and combustion
  • Electrolytic coating
  • Ceramics
  • Process modelling
  • Interim Management

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