Smart material innovation

We maximise the probability of success of your material innovation. Count on 35 years of experience in smart material combinations and intense collaboration with your employees. 

Complex innovation project?

You are planning a complex innovation where the combination and type of materials is essential. Your employees’ know-how is not sufficient or you require temporary reinforcement. An example:

A manufacturer is looking for a new material combination for the bottom of his saucepans. They must pass on heat as soon and as uniform as possible and, at the same time, be less heavy, suitable for induction and affordable.

Maximise your probability of success

We maximise the probability of success of your material innovation based on:

  • 35 years of experience in smart and efficient material combinations
  • up-to-date know-how: We keep up with the most advanced developments

You can call us in on a flexible basis. We can start immediately because of our broad experience and you will, therefore, not pay for induction time. We guarantee your confidentiality and also provide advice about, for example, the protection of your innovation (patents).

“Maes Jonker has a strong reputation in the field of cutting tools. We are continuously expanding our technology base and are approaching new markets. Hugo Lievens is an innovative source in helping us to do this.” – Jan Maes, CEO Maes Jonker

Support amongst your employees

Your material innovation will only succeed when supported by your company. We, therefore, aim at having the support of your employees with regard to every project. We follow 3 steps:

  1. We involve your key people in the solution through intense collaboration. This guarantees that it also becomes ‘their’ innovation and they will roll up their sleeves and assist.
  2. We ensure that the first payback effects of your material innovation become visible quickly. This creates confidence amongst your employees.
  3. We continue to work on the long-term solution with the support of your key stakeholders. We will keep you continuously up to date and will be strategically constructive within this context.

Selection of expertises

We like nothing less than to be at the cradle of your material innovation and will guide you up to market launch. We offer the following expertise domains as a team:

  • Metals and alloys
  • Ceramic materials
  • Polymers
  • Coatings
  • Industrial marketing

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