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Our customers return time and time again. Read about why they choose us:

1. Unique experience

Our up-to-date know-how about advanced materials is built up on 35 years of experience including 20 years as General Manager within the Bekaert Corporation. We speak the language of the CTO and the work floor because of this unique combination.

The result? We maximise the probability of success of your material innovation through a smart combination of materials. And we avoid typical project pitfalls such as late communication to ensure that your innovation is also launched on the market correctly.

2. Interim dividend

We will rapidly pick up on the quick wins in your company because of our broad experience. Opportunities to make savings or additional profits that will also often significantly shorten the payback period of your project. An interim dividend that creates confidence and contributes towards the success of your innovation.

“At Mayser/M.Pore, we are developing and producing metal foams for applications such as LED cooling. TFF has many years of experience in this field. They are consulting us on a daily basis for quality, productivity and creativity.”  – Manfred Jordan, CEO Mayser/M.Pore

3. People-focused approach

From manager to worker and from R&D to production: we involve all stakeholders in your innovation project. Our experience has shown that this is just as essential as the materials with which we work. We adapt, speak the language of your company and will ensure everybody backs us because we use the correct approach and communication.

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